About The Chamber IconTenterden & District Chamber of Commerce

The mission of TDCC is to create awareness locally, and further afield, of businesses and services based in the Tenterden area, and to generate business for all members.

The Chamber

  • Background

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    Tenterden and District Chamber of Commerce (TDCC) is the trading name of TDCC Limited, a private company limited by guarantee, which encourages membership of businesses in the area covered by Tenterden and its surroundings, including the villages of Appledore, Benenden, Bethersden, Biddenden, Ebony, Newenden, Rolvenden, Sandhurst, Smarden, Sissinghurst, Stone, Wittersham and Woodchurch.

    TDCC exists to promote the sustainable economic development of this area and to provide a collective voice for the area’s business. It is managed by a management committee elected by its members.

  • Goals & Objectives

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    Through leadership and collaboration, engage the Tenterden and district business community, elected officials and local partners in proactive business initiatives that foster Tenterden’s innovative business environment and create opportunities for Tenterden and its residents to thrive and grow.

    1. To encourage businesses and other such organisations to join TDCC and be active in promoting it.

    2. To strengthen and retain existing industries and businesses in Tenterden and to attract new and diverse businesses and inward investment into Tenterden in order to promote business growth and to create wealth.

    3. To promote inter-trading, joint ventures, business development and foster a community spirit of involvement for members.

    4. To foster and create a spirit of goodwill, friendship and unity by holding meetings, discussions, lectures, debates, conferences and other functions, including education.

    5. To have an active business plan, updated regularly to meet the needs of members.

    6. To serve as the united voice of the business community of Tenterden and to participate in the local community and influence local issues and projects and to provide a forum to develop opinions and programmes contributing to the social and economic quality of life.

    7. To provide a meeting place for the business community.

    8. To communicate information on subjects of interest to members by collecting, collating and circulating information.

    9. To be conscious of environmental issues and wherever possible act in a commensurate way.

    10. To maintain financial and political independence.

    11. To to be aware of opportunities outside Tenterden, which may in the long term provide additional wealth creation for members.

    12. To encompass diversity.

  • Structure

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    TDCC Limited has a board of directors to represent it. These directors comprise the chairman, secretary, treasurer and networking co-ordinator and others whom from time to time may be co-opted.

    The Board will meet normally every two weeks.

  • Articles of Association

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    Click here to download a copy of the Articles of Association for TDCC Ltd (trading as Tenterden & District Chamber of Commerce).


  • Eligibility

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    Membership of TDCC will be accepted from the area described above.

    Membership may also be accepted from outside the Tenterden area by special request or because of special interest in Tenterden by the applicant.

  • Annual Fees

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    The Chamber’s membership year runs from 1 January to 31 December. The annual membership fee will be decided yearly with preferential rates being charged for members making payment by standing order or direct debit. Members joining part way through a year will pay a pro-rata rate for their first year of membership.

    Membership includes eligibility to attend TDCC’s monthly networking meetings and the annual general meeting (AGM). Attendance at other events may be free of charge or will cost extra, depending on the event and its procurement cost.

  • Validation

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    TDCC retains the right to validate any application for membership to ensure that acceptance of it will support TDCC’s objectives.

  • Code of Conduct

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    TDCC strives to reinforce and promote a strong business community through sound practices that support social and economic development. The following Code of Conduct has been adopted as the encouraged method of practice by members.

    Being a member of TDCC is a privilege, and membership brings with it the responsibility to ensure that all members understand and commit to the following undertaking.

    The code of conduct shall, without limitation, require members to:

    1. Conduct business and professional activities in a reputable manner so as to reflect honourably upon the business community.

    2. Respect the reputation, profile and status of TDCC, and to represent it accordingly.

    3. Understand, support and promote the Mission and Objectives of TDCC and co-operate with fellow members in the application of this Code of Conduct.

    4. Whenever reasonably possible, participate in the functions and activities of TDCC and promote the enhancement of business growth within the Tenterden area.

    5. Observe the highest standards of ethics in rendering services and / or offering products for sale, based on the members’ own knowledge and expertise.

    6. Refrain from engaging in any practices prohibited by law or seeking unfair advantage over fellow members.

    7. Refrain from publicly disparaging the business practices of fellow members and refrain from condoning or engaging in misrepresentation or unethical practices, including the use of social media for such purposes.

    8. Conduct business in a fair and ethical manner, respecting the dignity and rights of clients, customers, vendors, associates, and peers regardless of race, colour, creed, religion, gender, height / weight or sexual orientation.

    9. Refrain from using any TDCC secure database of members / contacts for the promotion of their own or anybody else’s business or interests except as agreed with the Board.

  • Termination

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    A member may terminate membership of TDCC at any time.

    TDCC may terminate a membership if it considers that a member no longer supports TDCC’s objectives or if a member does not comply with TDCC’s Code of Conduct (see above).

    Termination of membership will not entitle reimbursement of the membership fee unless special circumstances apply, agreed by the Board of Directors.


  • Chamber Networking

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    Networking with members, promoting our members and bringing business into the town and surrounding areas is an important part of our work. The Chamber helps promote members’ businesses and the area with this website, on social media and through our events.

    Networking meetings take place monthly, normally on the first Tuesday of each month. These informal meetings run from 5.30pm onwards on an arrive-as-you-please basis. They provide opportunity to meet other members, discuss business opportunities, common issues that need resolution and to enjoy the surroundings of a host member or Chamber selected location.