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David Barton, specialist in motoring law

• I offer straightforward expert legal advice
• I guide you through all stages of proceedings
• I will assess your legal position and advise you honestly
• I will tell you the best options open to you and help you achieve the best result based on the realities of your case
• I won’t waste time or money or unfairly raise your expectations
• I can’t work miracles if you are in the wrong but I can help you if you are in the right

As a Solicitor Advocate I can help throughout the entire process from the initial Police interview or investigation to the conclusion of your case in Court. I will be your readily accessible point of contact and representation at all times.

Clients can seek advice in connection with any motoring prosecution and I can bring real value in areas of process including: Discontinuing prosecutions, Appealing against a conviction or sentence, Applying for a case to be reopened. I have strong track record of defending all types of drivers including:

• young drivers
• drivers facing disqualification
• key people
• motorcyclists
• fleet operators

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