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In the heart of Tenterden

Rather strategically placed in the middle of High Street, the Salon can't help but catch your eye. It is all about the image that can be created and re-created. Symbolically, William Charles Hair and Beauty Salon is located in a gorgeous old building that is actually a former jailhouse – that is how far one can be transformed! Transformation isn’t a miracle that can be easily achieved; it is more about positive mental attitude, vision and first-rate equipment and craftsmanship.

The Team

Our unquestionably professional, caring and gifted Stylist and Beautician staff share decades of experience between them. Our specialists are thoroughly selected and trained to ensure not only quality service, but team spirit and a friendly family atmosphere in the salon. Quite a few members of “William Charles family” were professionally born and bred here, following a traditional for our trade practice of apprenticeship, with seniors gradually passing their professional secrets on to juniors, and juniors working their way from assistants to experts. Besides, the apprenticeship system makes our price range wider and more flexible: services carried out by junior stylists are considerably cheaper whereas the quality is practically the same. We all uphold and maintain our professional standards at their highest, regularly undergo training and retraining, at renowned and acclaimed institutions; we update our skills and knowledge to the latest trends in various aspects of hair design and beauty therapy.

If you look good – you feel good

We are completely devoted to our customers’ sense of self and well-being, always ready to dish out competent and helpful advice. We see each and every client as a unique individual who deserves and is entitled to truly bespoke service. You feel loved, respected and sincerely cared for in our scented and cosy salon. Trust us to highlight the strengths of your appearance – the volume and shine of your hair, the sparkle in your eyes, and the natural glow of your complexion. We firmly believe in the direct link between your “skin deep” and inner beauty: our treatments - whether it is a blow-dry or body massage – are bound to release your inner self, lift up your spirits and even build and boost up your confidence.

AVEDA products

William Charles is one of the thousands of branches of a worldwide beauty and natural lifestyle warrior AVEDA renowned for their environmentally conscious approach to hair and skin care. We exclusively use and sell in Tenterden the complete line of AVEDA cleansing, protection and nourishment hair and beauty products based on organically grown ingredients. AVEDA uses plant and flower essences in their hair, skin and make-up line available in William Charles for sale – so that you are properly looked after not only in the Salon, but also at home, making sure your everyday hair and beauty care is under control and you always receive professional treatment.

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