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About Simple Kent Funerals

We’re here to help you say goodbye, which can be done in all sorts of ways. We’ll take the time to listen to you and explore all your options, working with you in a flexible way.

How much you spend has nothing to do with how much you love.

Honouring a life in simple, thoughtful ways has great meaning.

Please visit our website feedback-page or see our google reviews... not all funeral firms are the same!

We're an independent local funeral service - not part of a conglomerate, group or chain.

We're green-minded and eco-friendly. We deliver simple and traditional cremations, natural and traditional burials and can source environmentally-friendly coffins and urns made of natural, recycled, biodegradable, sustainable and low-carbon materials. We are members of the Association of Green Funeral Directors.


Bespoke funerals: our bespoke burial or cremation funerals are personal in every detail, for ceremonies and celebrations that are simple, traditional or elaborate. You can choose a special or beautiful venue too, indoors or in the open-air - at home or in your garden, in a field or woods, a rural barn or chapel, by a lake or by the sea or in a local village hall - as well as more conventional venues like a church or crematorium. Our bespoke funeral fee starts from £1,250.

Direct cremations: direct cremation (sometimes called 'simple' or 'unattended') is a cremation at its simplest and quickest, with no funeral ceremony at the crematorium. You can still have a farewell ceremony and celebration with the coffin present at another venue, before the direct cremation. The direct cremation cost is at least half that of a full cremation because you’re not using the crematorium’s chapel - so you could put the saving towards the cost of a ceremony and celebration at another venue including, for example, your home or garden. For more info and ideas visit our website. Our direct cremation fee starts from £600.

Just advice and support: Did you know you don’t have to use a funeral director? If you're planning to make most or all arrangements and decisions yourself for a home-led or DIY funeral ceremony and celebration, we can help with as much or as little practical support and advice as you want. Our fee for just advice and support starts from £200.

Simple funeral plan: if you're thinking ahead and want your loved ones to know what you'd like when the time comes, our Simple Funeral Plan might be just the thing. Your plan also includes a detailed estimate of costs. We'll discuss the different options open to you for putting aside money to pay for your funeral, importantly, these options don't automatically mean you have to commit to tie up money in advance. Our fee for a simple funeral plan is £165 and £280 for 2 plans from the same household.

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